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  • Screw cover hinge
  • Product Information
    Hinge used on the door of a cabinet, electrical enclosure or furniture or machine equipment

    Product Description
    1. A stainless steel cover is applied after fastening bolts
        or screws to hide them
    2. Features a sophisticated simple appearance
    3. Materials: Body - Zinc alloy (ZDC II), Cover - Stainless steel
    4. Surface treatment: Body - Matte chrome plating (CV),
        Cover - Barrel polishing
    5. Dimensions: 100mm * 110mm (width * length)
    6. Screw holes: 6 of 10*6.5 oblong holes
    7. Distance between the centers of the vertical screw holes: 38.5mm
    8. Distance between the centers of the horizontal screw holes:
        49mm, 63mm
    9. Usage: Cabinets, electrical enclosures, cases, boxes,
        machinery and other various items
    10. If you want other cabinet door hinge products,
          please visit|3.
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