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  • Spring box knob
  • Product Information
    Spring box case door knob used on the door of a cabinet, electrical enclosure or box, or manufacturing equipment and facilities

    Product Description
    1. The knob automatically goes down when not in Usage as a spring is
        built in the knob
    2. The built-in spring removes noise caused by vibration
    3. Smart looking design and excellent product quality
    4. Materials: Iron
    5. Surface treatment: Chrome plating\
    6. Dimensions: 103mm * 55mm * 12.2mm (56mm)
        (length * width * height)
    7. Screw holes: 4 of 5.5mm holes
    8. Distance between the centers of horizontal screw holes:
        85.9mm, 68.5mm
    9. Distance between the centers of vertical screw holes: 35.3mm
    10. Usage: Usage: Broadcasting equipment boxes, cabinets, electrical
          enclosures, panel boards, control panels, cases, boxes,
          industrial machinery, manufacturing equipment and
          facilities and other various items
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  • Spring box knob
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